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Renting out your holiday home

Holiday homes and cabins in the Pigeon Forge area of the Smoky Mountains are in a favourable position and exposed to tens of thousands of tourists each year thanks to the substantial popularity of the region.  

De Klein and Co’s team of local experts manage the process of letting your Pigeon Forge holiday home for you, putting your holiday let in front of a significant market of potential customers.  Enjoy similar booking rates to successful owners in the area who achieve regular letting income from a property in this fast-growing tourist trap.


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Why do people stay in holiday cabins?

The perfect holiday

For all the problems you have when booking a hotel for your vacation, renting your own Cabin is the solution. If you’re looking to escape to the mountains, enjoy views of the woods and wildlife, or even excite your family with their own, private adventure, then renting a cabin allows you to do all of this without the exclusions or limitations of a hotel.  You can avoid noisy, overpopulated areas, surrounding yourself with open sky and picturesque views. Make the most of the walking and hiking trails and enjoy the deep sense of peace you can only experience once you’re away from the city. 

Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to tailor fit your cabin to your guests. Whether you’re planning a couple’s retreat, or a family vacation, you have a variety of amenities to choose from. And should the weather turn, you’ll be able to enjoy the energy of the rain rather than feel trapped in a cramped space wishing you could be outside.

Why Pigeon Forge?

Beautiful Location

Amazing Views & Beautiful Cabins, come for a holiday and see why many end up dreaming of owning their own American cabin.

Great Smoky Mountains

These beautiful peaks, often surrounded in a blue mist are the perfect backdrop to your destination holiday.

Lots of Attractions

Packed with fun for the whole family theme parks, natural parks, shopping malls or just peace & quiet, your holiday, it is up to you.

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